about JSIT

Greeting from Executive President

Kazuichi Nakamura, DVM, PhD
Kitasato University

Kazuichi Nakamura

I am Kazuichi Nakamura. I have assumed the presidency of the Japanese Society of Immunotoxicology (JSIT) taking over from Prof. Takahiko Yoshida (Asahikawa Medical University) and will serve for three years of tenure.

The JSIT was founded as a small researcher group for immunotoxicology 25 years ago in 1994. At that time, exploring the definition and scope of immunotoxicology, immunotoxicities of metals and environmental chemicals were studied and presented at the annual meetings. Evaluation methods for allergy to low molecular chemicals were also intensively discussed. As the JSIT considered that international viewpoint should be essential, prominent immunotoxicology researchers were invited from oversees even from the second annual meeting in 1995. In 2000’s, under the accelerated progress of globalization in drug development, the JSIT contributed to the international harmonisation of immunotoxicity testing procedures and methods. Recently various new environmental chemicals and drug modalities have emerged. Potential immunotoxicities of these substances are current issues the JSIT should tackle.

The success of JSIT has resulted from kind supports and friendship given by other Societies. Researcher Exchange Program started from 2006 in collaboration with the Immunotoxicology Specialty Section (ITSS) of Society of Toxicology (SOT) planning joint symposium and inviting researchers. Furthermore, the Japanese Society of Toxicology (JSOT) accepts our proposal on immunotoxicology symposium at their annual meeting every two years.  We highly appreciated such opportunities.

As skin, respiratory, blood, liver, renal, reproductive and developmental toxicities are sometimes related to immunotoxicity, the JSIT is expanding our areas of activity. Luckily, the JSIT has lively members and friendly atmosphere to study immunotoxicology. The JSIT shall do our utmost best to meet social expectations for environmental and drug safety.

Greeting from previous president